Carolina Journal Print Edition

Volume 28, Number 9 – September 2019

On the cover

• Cracks and fissures: North Carolinians falling into health care coverage gap



• Polls, Page 2

• Cracks and fissures, Page 3

• Coverage climbs and costs soar in the Buckeye State, Page 4

• Timeline: Medicaid in North Carolina, Page 4

• Arkansas’ Republican option: A harder Medicaid pill to swallow, Page 5

• Dollars and debt: How long can expansion last?, Page 6

• Stuck: Disabled adults struggle to get care, Page 7

• Falling through the coverage gap, Page 8

• Waiting: Mother watches her disabled son grow old on wait lists, Page 9

• Quick Takes, Pages 10-13



• Robert Pondiscio: Expert contends education reform hasn’t lived up to its promise, Page 19



• Michael Walden commentary: How different are local economies across the U.S.?, Page 14

• Jenna Robinson commentary: What can other universities learn from Purdue’s tuition freeze?, Page 15

• George Leef commentary: Restoring a great intellectual tradition to America’s campuses, Page 16

• Mitch Kokai commentary: Court ruling highlights problems plaguing N.C. certificate-of-need laws, Page 17

• Kristen Blair commentary: Linking bullying to loneliness and belonging, Page 18

• Terry Stoops commentary: Back-to-school fake news, Page 18

• Editorial: Transparency is key to health reform, Page 20

• John Trump commentary: N.C. sells liquor through 170 independent, political boards: What could go wrong?, Page 22

• Andy Taylor commentary: SCOTUS showing subtleties of jurisprudence, Page 23

• Becki Gray commentary: We deserve representation over blind political allegiance, Page 23

• Jordan Roberts commentary: Five steps to lowering the artificially high cost of medical care, Page 24


Commentary by John Hood

• Cooper has taken extreme positions, Page 2

• Duke Energy is right on gas, Page 21

• Regulatory closet gets summer cleaning, Page 21