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Analyzing Gov. McCrory’s Teacher Pay Proposal

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Advocacy groups representing public school teachers have been complaining for years about what they say is low pay in North Carolina.Earlier this month, a powerhouse group of the state’s elected officials and lawmakers, led by Gov. Pat McCrory, announced a plan to address teacher pay. John Locke Foundation Director of Research and Education Studies, Dr. Terry Stoops, analyzes the pay proposal, which would boost pay for teachers entering the profession. Then we turn to fiscal policy. Some North Carolina lawmakers have concerns about the way local governments have been using privilege license taxes as a source of local funding. You’ll hear highlights from a recent legislative debate on the topic.

Speaking of taxes, lawmakers also heard a recent update from Charlie Helms, head of the N.C. Department of Revenue’s collection division. You’ll learn what state tax collectors are doing to ensure people pay their bills. Next is a look at energy policy. As North Carolina moves closer to permitting hydraulic fracturing operations in the state, the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society recently heard firsthand accounts from a worker in the shale exploration industry. Mark Cares shares his insights about this relatively new aspect of the energy sector. And finally, we look at the impact of regulations and taxes on two areas of our daily lives. John Locke Foundation Director of Fiscal Policy Studies, Sarah Curry, explains that producers and buyers of wood stoves could be facing higher costs due to potential federal regulation, while wine drinkers are paying more because of taxes.