Exactly what will it take to make North Carolina more prosperous with a growing economy and plentiful job opportunities? John Locke Foundation President John Hood explains the results of his analysis of more than 500 scholarly research papers on the subject. He concludes that economic freedom is the key and that the Left’s policy prescriptions are seriously flawed. Next, today’s politicians could learn plenty of valuable lessons from a president who served in office more than 80 years ago. That’s the opinion of Amity Shlaes, director of the 4 Percent Growth Project at the George W. Bush Center. Shlaes’ latest New York Times best-seller tells the life story of former President Calvin Coolidge. She shares highlights from her research into Coolidge’s legacy. To understand today’s political debates, it’s useful to review a 25-year-old book from economist Thomas Sowell dubbed “A Conflict of Visions.” Rick Henderson, managing editor of Carolina Journal, explains why Sowell’s classic 1987 text remains relevant in 2013. That’s followed by a look at a key leader in history: Margaret Thatcher. When the former British prime minister died earlier this year, the world lost one of its most important political leaders. John Blundell, visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation, former director general at the Institute of Economic Affairs, and a Thatcher biographer who knew and worked with the “Iron Lady,” discusses her legacy. And finally, we look at next steps for tax reform in our state. John Locke Foundation Vice President for Research Roy Cordato offers recommendations for reforms legislators should pursue, and he recaps why the changes made this session will lead to long-term economic growth.