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Carolina Journal Radio No. 758: Recent poll highlights growing partisan divide

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A recent Elon University poll reveals stark partisan divisions on many of the top political issues of the day. Rick Henderson, Carolina Journal editor-in-chief, highlights some of those key divisions. He explains how those divisions affect poll results for President Trump and top state government leaders. The economy is always changing, but some elements of an economy can remain remarkably consistent over decades — even in the face of major technological transformations. Barak Richman, Duke University professor of law and business administration, has studied one clear example of longstanding economic practices: the diamond district on 47th street in Manhattan. Richman explores the district’s operations in the book Stateless Commerce. It’s rare to hear a Democratic legislator describe North Carolina’s traditional public schools as “failing.” But Rep. Billy Richardson, D-Cumberland, used that word more than once during a recent legislative debate. He wanted his colleagues to consider convening a special legislative session to deal with education issues. You’ll hear Richardson’s comments, along with a response from Rep. Nelson Dollar, R-Wake, the N.C. House’s chief budget writer. The N.C. FreeEnterprise Foundation recently welcomed a new executive director. Jonathan Kappler explains the foundation’s two main tasks: promoting business-friendly state policies and educating North Carolinians about the current state of Tar Heel politics. The opioid crisis has filled headlines in recent months. But Dr. Jeffrey Singer, a Phoenix, Ariz., surgeon and senior fellow at the Cato Institute, says many people misdiagnose the crisis. Singer says misguided government policies are playing a large role in the crisis that’s driving up the number of opioid-related deaths.