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Carolina Journal Radio No. 764: Park master plan adds coda to Hammocks Beach property-rights fight

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Two years after the final resolution of a long-running court fight between a North Carolina family and state government over ownership of property near Hammocks Beach State Park, there’s a footnote: a new master plan for the park’s expansion. Carolina Journal Editor-in-Chief Rick Henderson reminds listeners about the newspaper’s role in bringing the story to light. He also discusses former Gov. Pat McCrory’s role in resolving the dispute to ensure the state paid the family for its property. Conservatives can feel marginalized on a college campus. That’s especially true for conservative women. But a group called the Network of Enlightened Women offers support for female college students with conservative views. During a break from a recent NEW event in Raleigh, program associate Vanessa Rivera discussed the group’s goals. The opioid crisis continues to plague North Carolina. Legislators had a chance recently to debate the latest statistics about opioid deaths. They also discussed the next steps designed to help fight the problem. As state lawmakers study possible changes to North Carolina’s formula for funding public schools, they heard advice recently from Michael Griffith. He’s senior school finance analyst for the Education Commission of the States. Griffith explained why many states have abandoned the type of funding system North Carolina uses. Most are now pursuing a funding model that ties money more directly to individual students’ education needs. We hear a lot about economic development. We ought to focus instead on economic growth. Roy Cordato, John Locke Foundation senior economist, explains the distinction between the two terms. Cordato also explains why government policies should focus more on growth than development.