When the General Assembly returns to work in May, lawmakers will focus on key education-related issues, including school safety and the funding formula for school districts. Terry Stoops, John Locke Foundation vice president for research, assesses the legislature’s approach to education heading into the 2018 session in Raleigh. More than a year into Donald Trump’s term in the White House, it’s fitting to talk about a “disruptive presidency.” That’s the label political scientist Andrew Taylor of N.C. State University has applied to the Trump administration. Taylor explains what he means by “disruptive.” He also analyzes the impact of that disruption on American politics in 2018 and beyond. State lawmakers have raised concerns about mental health issues for inmates in county jails across North Carolina. You’ll hear highlights from a recent legislative briefing on the issue. Historical accounts of medieval Europe often depict the role of the Jewish money lender. That role is more myth than fact, according to Julie Mell, associate professor of history at N.C. State University. Mell has written a book exposing the myth and highlighting contrasting facts about medieval European economic history. Mell shares highlights from her research. Military leaders continue to raise concerns about the impact of an Amazon Wind Farm in eastern North Carolina. Carolina Journal recently documented those concerns. Editor-in-Chief Rick Henderson shares key facts from CJ’s reporting on the topic.