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Carolina Journal Radio No. 810: Trump, Obama both claim credit for economic gains

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The U.S. economy has posted impressive gains recently. Both President Trump and former President Barack Obama are claiming credit. Roy Cordato, the John Locke Foundation’s senior economist, puts the competing claims to the test. A Winston-Salem surgeon is taking North Carolina state government to court because of a law that blocks him from purchasing an MRI scanner. Dr. Gajendra Singh says the scanner would help him provide a valuable service to his patients at a reasonable cost. North Carolina’s certificate-of-need law blocks Singh from making the purchase. Singh and his attorney, Josh Windham of the Institute for Justice, explain why they’re challenging the CON law. One likely consequence of the 2018 elections is a renewed push for redistricting reform in North Carolina. John Locke Foundation Chairman John Hood offered that prediction during a recent post-election analysis. Hood says Republican legislative leaders looking ahead to 2020 elections might want to rethink their opposition to reform. Higher education faces significant challenges in North Carolina and across the United States. Jenna Robinson, president of the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal, highlighted key challenges during a recent speech in Raleigh. Robinson emphasized the lack of viewpoint diversity on college campuses, along with an overall decline in academic quality. As state and national politicians continue to debate the future of health care, the recent rise of Association Health Plans is offering a new option for many health care consumers. Jordan Roberts, John Locke Foundation health care policy analyst, explains AHPs. He also assesses their potential impact on the future of health care.