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Carolina Journal Radio No. 828: East Carolina chancellor announces resignation plan

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After months of controversy involving his job status, East Carolina University Chancellor Cecil Staton has announced his resignation. He’ll collect a severance package of nearly $600,000. Rick Henderson, Carolina Journal editor-in-chief, analyzes Staton’s decision and the implications for the University of North Carolina System’s Board of Governors. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last year that unions representing state government workers couldn’t force nonmembers to pay union dues. The winning plaintiff in that case, Mark Janus, continues his fight against forced unionization. Now a senior fellow with the Liberty Justice Center, Janus recently visited North Carolina to discuss his case and its aftermath. Some state lawmakers want to change North Carolina’s rules governing liquor sales. Carol Shaw of the General Assembly’s Program Evaluation Division recently offered some recommendations for how to proceed with reforms. Economic freedom, not socialism, offers the path toward wealthier, health societies. Southern Methodist University economist Robert Lawson delivered that message during a recent speech at Duke University. Lawson shared highlights from an annual report on economic freedom in countries around the world. North Carolina’s haphazard collection of criminal laws creates a losing proposition for N.C. taxpayers. Mike Schietzelt, criminal justice fellow at the John Locke Foundation, explains how taxpayers would benefit from a complete overhaul of the state’s criminal code.