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Carolina Journal Radio No. 832: Reformers would reduce, eliminate certificate-of-need rules

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Health care providers in North Carolina need a government permission slip called a certificate of need before they can add hospital beds, build new facilities, or purchase major pieces of equipment. Health care reforms say scrapping CON requirements would boost health care innovation in this state. Jordan Roberts, John Locke Foundation health policy analyst, discusses legislative efforts to scale back or eliminate state CON restrictions. Reformers have been targeting the formula North Carolina uses to fund public schools across the state. Aaron Smith, education policy analyst for the libertarian Reason Foundation, has been watching the debate with interest. Smith explains some of the problems with North Carolina’s current system. He explains how reform could lead to better outcomes for students. The shooting death of a state Highway Patrol trooper in Columbus County last year has prompted action at the N.C. General Assembly. Lawmakers say Conner’s Law would step up the penalty for people who use a weapon when assaulting a law enforcement officer. Lawmakers are also pursuing new legislation that would make it easier to charge a drug dealer when an illegal dug transaction leads to death. Dubbed death by distribution, the new crime would enable prosecutors to charge a deal with a crime other than murder or manslaughter. Policymakers continue to push for increased government involvement in providing broadband services. Jon Sanders, John Locke Foundation director of regulatory studies, explains why these government broadband schemes are misguided. Sanders says they can prove especially costly for taxpayers, even those who never use the service.