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Carolina Journal Radio No. 856: Judge to hear challenge of N.C. certificate-of-need law

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A judge will hear arguments this month in a lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s certificate-of-need law. A Winston-Salem surgeon is challenging a provision in the CON law that blocks him from purchasing an MRI machine. Jon Guze, John Locke Foundation director of legal studies, has filed a friend-of-the-court brief supporting the surgeon’s case. Guze explains why he believes the CON law is unconstitutional. If North Carolina decides to move forward with legislation to allow dental therapy, it will be good to know how that process has played out in other states. Sal Nuzzo, vice president for policy at the James Madison Institute, has watched closely as Florida has considered dental therapy laws. He offers Tar Heel State policymakers ideas about how to proceed. State legislators debated this year a proposed change to school discipline rules. You’ll hear highlights from their discussion. A new state law will allow more small business owners to pursue health insurance options through Association Health Plans. During a recent news conference, legislators and small business advocates touted potential benefits from the plans. Protesters disrupted a recent meeting touting Gov. Roy Cooper’s energy plan. The protesters complain that the Cooper administration isn’t moving fast enough to reach environmental goals. Donald van der Vaart, John Locke Foundation senior fellow, responds to the protesters’ concerns. Van der Vaart also offers his own expert assessment of Cooper’s energy priorities.

  • Eric Jefferson

    CON is not used because bureaucrat’s want to control healthcare decisions. They are used to prevent a business cherry picking which services to offer. Hospitals, for instance, use the profits from performing MRI’s to help subsidize other procedures that incur a loss. Outpatient sites can offer lower prices for MRI’s because they don’t have to subsidize other services. While this may lower the cost of MRI’s, it can lead to much higher cost of other healthcare procedures if hospitals (for example) start losing the profits of performing MRI’s. I don’t mind the argument against CON laws, however, I do mind using the cliche’ that government wants centralized control over everything ‘just because’ as the answer every Republican gives. I was a republican at one time but left for this reason. It’s the same as Democrats saying Republicans are racist and only care about rich people. Stop using cliche’s and you may actually get more people on board