It’s been discussed for years, but now state legislators are digging into tax reform. The expectation is that changes to North Carolina’s tax structure and code will take place this year, affecting every North Carolinian. John Locke Foundation Vice President for Research Roy Cordato explains key principles of tax reform and how they impact economic growth. Then we turn to politics. Ever since Republicans lost the popular vote for the fifth time in the last six presidential elections, some pundits have been calling for a rebranding of the GOP. There’s been little discussion of what rebranding would entail, but Mark McNeilly, UNC-Chapel Hill lecturer and longtime IBM and Lenovo marketing executive, has some ideas. Next is a look at a controversial debate in the state legislature. Some North Carolina lawmakers believe people should take drug tests before qualifying for taxpayer-funded welfare benefits. You’ll hear arguments for and against their proposals during a recent state Senate debate. That’s followed by a look at transportation policy. Each time we drive over a pothole or a rough stretch of road, we might wonder how well our highways stack up against those across the country. David Hartgen, emeritus professor of transportation studies at UNC-Charlotte, recently addressed that topic in a report for Reason Foundation titled “Are Highways Crumbling?” Hartgen shares highlights from his findings. And finally, Barry Smith updates us on the election law bills making their way through the legislature. Requiring a photo I.D. to vote is the most high-profile effort, but there are others as well. Smith explains a bill that would remove from the North Carolina Constitution a provision that requires a literacy test to vote.