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Education reformers tout potential benefits of Achievement School District

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Some North Carolina lawmakers are pushing for an education reform that would place five of the state’s worst-performing public schools under direct state supervision. Legislation creating a new state Achievement School District also would provide additional flexibility for other struggling schools. Terry Stoops, the John Locke Foundation’s director of research and education studies, assesses the proposal. Any high-profile crime involving guns sparks new calls for more government gun-control measures. But Gregory Wallace, professor at the Campbell University Law School, suggests an alternative that would address some of the issues gun-control advocates raise without trampling on American’s Second Amendment rights. As reformers consider the future of higher education in North Carolina, one topic they’ll need to tackle is the proper role for faculty members. David Laude, senior vice provost for enrollment at the University of Texas, made that point during a recent higher education symposium hosted at N.C. State University. Laude explained that faculty’s roles have changed in an era of more education options. Direct primary care is leading to benefits for patients, doctors, and the doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Amy Walsh, a physician and owner of the doctor direct practice in Raleigh, explains the benefits she’s seen since moving away from insurance-centered health care toward a system based on monthly fees. One of the latest high-profile media scandals involves Katie Couric’s admission that she oversaw “misleading” editing of a new anti-gun documentary. Carolina Journal Publisher Jon Ham places Couric’s journalistic misdeed in context.