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Good News/Bad News In State Of The State Speech

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Gov. Pat McCrory has delivered his second State of the State speech before a packed gathering of state legislators and cabinet officials. Carolina Journal Managing Editor Rick Henderson delves into the speech for ideas that can be embraced by limited-government conservatives and ideas that run afoul of fundamental principles of freedom. Then we turn to debate over the state’s Medicaid program. N.C. House and Senate Republicans remain divided over the best course of action for reforming the state’s Medicaid program. Different opinions surfaced again during a recent briefing on a Senate reform plan. You’ll hear highlights from that discussion. Continuing with health care policy, the U.S. House of Representatives has voted again this year to repeal the federal Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Several members of the N.C. congressional delegation spoke for and against the health care law. You’ll hear selections from their comments. That’s followed by a look at growing concern over property rights. Multiple lawsuits are challenging the N.C. Department of Transportation’s process of acquiring land for road projects. Winston-Salem-based attorney Matthew Bryant represents the plaintiffs in those suits. He explains why DOT’s actions have threatened property rights in several locations across North Carolina. And finally, North Carolina’s leading higher education policy think tank is welcoming a new leader, even though she’s a familiar face. This week, Dr. Jenna Robinson takes the helm of the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, following the retirement of Jane Shaw. Robinson discusses the state of higher education in our state, her vision for the Pope Center, and more.