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Haley Barbour Discusses Leading Through Katrina

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When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast 10 years ago, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour faced the challenge no elected leader could ever imagine: to lead his state back from the physical, economic, and emotional devastation. He discusses what it was like and how the character of the residents shined through. Then we look at conservative heroes throughout history. Many conservatives would list Thomas Jefferson, Barry Goldwater, and Ronald Reagan among their heroes. But what about less well-known figures such as Nathaniel Macon and Josiah Bailey? Raleigh author Garland Tucker profiles each of these men and others in the recent book “Conservative Heroes.” Tucker explains what each of these heroes has in common. Next is a look at national attention received by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for its recent scandal involving academics and athletics. Chancellor Carol Folt recently addressed the scandal during a speech at the National Press Club. You’ll her highlights from Folt’s remarks. That’s followed by a look at the economic state of the federal government. The government’s multitrillion-dollar debt gets less attention than other pressing issues, but its long-term negative impact could be huge. Sara Imhof of the Concord Coalition explains what her group is doing to draw attention to the debt and move politicians to take action addressing it. And finally, John Locke Foundation Director of Legal Affairs Jon Guze discusses his view of the unfair criticism that continues to be lobbed at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.