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Lawmakers back bipartisan measures linked to law enforcement, community relations

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From Carolina Journal Radio Program No. 737: Amid partisan fights on Jones Street, N.C. lawmakers have reached bipartisan agreement on some issues. Among them is an effort to improve relationships between local law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. During a recent news conference, legislators from both sides of the political aisle highlighted bills that address that goal.

  • QuitBS

    All the measures discussed in this radio program are intended to teach minorities how to conduct themselves when interfacing with Law Enforcement. These behavior guidelines SHOULD have been taught in the home. Why isn’t this education being taught in these homes? Black Culture, Black Civic leaders, Black Clergy and Black Lawmakers all encourage minorities to NOT respect Law Enforcement. May I remind you of President Obama calling the Massachusetts Police Officer that arrested Prof Gates, “Stupid”? From the office of a President on down, the minority community is failing their youth and no amount of legislation can overcome the shortcomings these broken homes impart to their emerging youth. Waste of time and money!