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N.C.’s Foxx leads Capitol Hill campaign against unfunded federal mandates

Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-5th District (Photo from Rep. Foxx's website)
Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-5th District (Photo from Rep. Foxx's website)
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From Carolina Journal Radio Program No. 795: A congresswoman from North Carolina is leading a new charge against unfunded federal government mandates. The U.S. House of Representatives recently approved Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx’s legislation targeting unfunded mandates. You’ll hear highlights from Foxx’s speech defending the proposal on Capitol Hill.

  • Junius Daniel

    Congresswoman Foxx is most certainly right that, ‘unfunded Federal mandates subvert the principles of American Federalism.’

    On the other hand, after she talks about burdensome costs being shifted to Tarheel localities (owing to the alledged deliquency of Pennsylvania Avenue) she omits the other alternative, which, until recent Progressive decades The Tarheel State most often exercised – and that is to either partially and or wholly ignore those things which are federally mandated, because…

    A. We were not consulted.

    B. We were consulted, and our Constitutionally Sovereign refusal to approve of such things was overriden by UnConstitutionally activist courts, and, thus, those things have no legitimate role in North Carolina.

    As we move further into the new century, one can only hope that, as a whole, Tarheels cease from viewing Washington as some wise piggy bank over which we must engage in some sage disputation as to how to ‘better’ distribute the ill-gotten gains, and, in lieu of that, begin to look to our own good selves to provide what we know we can.

    Not only do we not need Washington, it is a insalutary toxin of which to be ridden. For more on this consult the writings of the our Founding Fathers and the first 15 presidents of the erstwhile republick that went under the same name as the sham we have today.