CJ Radio (Page 110)

  • What is Erskine Bowles’ Legacy at UNC?

    Jane Shaw on Erskine Bowles retirement; Lanier Cansler, Van Braxton, and Joe Coletti on Medicaid cost overruns; Tim Pawlenty on Tea Party movement and education; John Skvarla on bonded term limits; Terry Stoops on changes to N.C.'s history curriculum.

  • Depositions Reveal Easley E-Mail & Media Policies

    Rick Henderson on revelations from Easley press aides; Michael Keough and Joe Coletti on N.C.'s high-risk insurance pool; HansMarc Hurd on efforts in Afghanistan; Dale Folwell on unfunded health plan liability; Terry Stoops on charter standards.

  • Citizens United vs. FEC: A Win For Free Speech

    Daren Bakst on Citizens United vs. FEC political speech ruling; Phil Berger, Paul Stam, Tom Fetzer and Joe Coletti on health insurance mandate; Francis DeLuca on health care polling; Mike Munger on appeal of Libertarian party, Michael Sanera on tax hikes.

  • Ruffin Poole Indictment Alleges Pay-to-Play Scheme

    Rick Henderson on Ruffin Poole indictment; Darrell Allison, Todd Ziebarth, Grova Bridgers, Richard Vinroot and Terry Stoops on charter school challenges; Max Borders on socioeconomic metaphors; and John Hood on a way forward for health care reform.

  • N.C. Cities Blur Lines Between Public & Private Sectors

    Michael Sanera on public vs. private sectors; Newt Gingrich on American principles; Cullie Tarleton, William Current, & Susan Fisher on dropout prevention grants; Don East, Ed Jones & Joe Coletti on incentives; Daren Bakst on global warming & civil rights.

  • 2010: Consequential Challenges Ahead for Gov. Perdue

    John Hood on 2010 challenges for Gov. Bev Perdue; Andy Taylor on 1994 vs. 2010 election cycles; Brian Moynihan on 2010 economic outlook; Mike Adams on university intellectual intolerance; George Leef on leftist influence in education schools.

  • ObamaCare Would Crush Health Insurance Free Market

    John Hood on ObamaCare; Kris Nordstrom, Doug Yongue and Terry Stoops on national board certification of teachers; Alan Gura on landmark federal gun-rights case; John Dinan on role of state constitutions; Michael Sanera on "blight" and property rights.

  • Democrats Target Richard Burr’s Senate Seat

    John Hood on race for Burr's Senate seat; Max Borders, Jane Shaw, Peder Zane and John Hood on subsidized arts training; Anne Bander on consolidation of law enforcement agencies; Jonah Goldberg on liberalism; Rick Henderson on Easley public-records lawsuit.

  • Political Scandal Plagues North Carolina

    Rick Henderson on N.C. political scandals; Michael Mazerov and Roy Cordato on sales tax issues; Dallas Woodhouse and Roy Cordato on curbing CO2 emissions; Joshua Howard on N.C. history; Mitch Kokai and Donna Martinez on smoking ban and federal job growth.

  • Prescription for North Carolina’s Economic Recovery

    John Hood on a roadmap for N.C.'s economic recovery, Bradley Smith on problems with taxpayer-funded campaigns, Tracy Walsh on fear of government-run health care, Ramesh Ponnuru on challenges facing conservatives, and Roy Cordato on much needed tax reform.