CJ Radio (Page 110)

  • Alarmists March On, Despite Climategate Scandal

    Roy Cordato on Climategate scandal; Dick Armey on why freedom brings prosperity; legislators on why they won't spend taxpayer dollars on a fact-finding trip; Jay Hamilton on nonprofit newspapers; Terry Stoops on latest attacks on charter schools.

  • Local Leaders Respond to JLF’s Push for Transparency

    Joe Coletti on response to JLF transparency push; Steve Forbes on why capitalism leads to prosperity; John Allison on role of altruism and pragmatism in financial crisis; Leigh Bortins on home-centered education; Terry Stoops on parent-friendly schools.

  • Waste & Abuse Force Revamp of UNC-Chapel Hill Program

    David Bass on Citizen Solder Support Program; Fred Barnes on challenges for Obama administration; John Hood on lessons learned from The Fourth Crusade; Steven Hayward on Reagan's role and legacy; Rick Henderson on proposed newspaper industry bailout.

  • N.C.’s Misguided Policies Hurt Unemployed Tar Heels

    Joe Coletti on N.C.'s unemployment rate and recovery prospect; Mike Walden on California's tax tweaking; Bill Holman & Fred Smith on free market's impact on the environment; Mitch Kokai & Donna Martinez on fake stimulus jobs and privatizing alcohol sales.

  • Race is On to Expand Taxpayer Financing of Campaigns

    Daren Bakst on taxpayer financing of campaigns; Bill Rowe, Gene Nichol, and Joe Coletti on reducing poverty; Art Pope on why politicians defy constituents; Robert Levy on keeping government to a limited role; Terry Stoops on school funding for poor kids.

  • Election Shakeup: Political Novice Ousts Greensboro Mayor

    John Hood on municipal election results; Jason Kay on charter school lawsuit; Jack Walker on need to reduce power of State Health Plan administrator; Steve Lonegan on concern over government growth; Daren Bakst on misguided state energy policy.

  • The Case for Non-violent Ex-felons to Own Guns

    Daren Bakst on gun laws and ex-felons' rights; Cal Thomas on disturbing political trends; Tom Fetzer on N.C.'s struggling economy; Peter Coclanis on complicated U.S.-Russia relations; and Troy Kickler on the "tenther" movement.

  • North Carolina Voters Head to the Polls

    John Hood with a preview of Nov. 3 election; Newt Gingrich and Jim DeMint on Obama administration policies; Cal Thomas on threat posed by radical Islam; Darrell Allison on Obama's view of school choice; Terry Stoops on impact of Wake school board upheaval.

  • Online Courses Infuse Higher Ed Market with Competition

    George Leef on online education; Michael Barone on voter enthusiasm and election trends; Donna Arduin on job-killing impact of stimulus plan; Bev Perdue and Becki Gray on government transparency; Donna Martinez and Mitch Kokai on appeal of video poker ban.

  • Seven Steps to a Better and Saner State Budget

    Joe Coletti on seven steps to a saner and better state budget; Andy Taylor on tobacco's changing political fortunes; Yuri Maltsev on the history of communism; Robert Spencer on Islamic extremists; Michael Sanera on efforts to make landlords into cops.