CJ Radio (Page 110)

  • Students Turn to Essay Mills for Freshly Written Papers

    George Leef on essay mills; Harry Brown, Courtney Clapp, June Atkinson and Bill Downey on career/tech education; Dan Clodfelter on unspecified tax increases in budget; Holly Brewer on John Locke's opposition to slavery; Joe Coletti on Senate budget.

  • John Hood: State’s Economic Woes are No Accident

    John Hood on N.C.'s economic woes, Phil Berger and Terry Stoops on public school challenges, Mark Prak on potential return of Fairness Doctrine, Michael Lowrey on shrinking coverage of statewide issues, and Roy Cordato on reforming N.C.'s tax code.

  • Tax-Day Tea Parties Spread Across North Carolina

    Dallas Woodhouse, Danny Martinez and Melodye Aben on the tea party phenomenon in N.C., Laura Wiley on tax credits for kids with special needs; Sally Pipes on myths about the health care system; Terry Stoops on dropout prevention grants.

  • JLF’s State Budget Puts North Carolina on Sound Footing

    Joe Coletti on a fiscally responsible state budget; Tim Phillips on declining freedom; Jack Walker on challenge to state health plan; Max Borders on need to communicate about free markets and limited government; Jenna Ashley Robinson on paying for college.

  • Rising N.C. Unemployment Reflects Business Owners’ Fears

    Joe Coletti on N.C. unemployment rate and business fears; Bev Perdue on budget priorities; Phil Berger on the governor's plans; Winston S. Churchill on impact of moving toward socialism; John Staddon on smoking bans; Daren Bakst on CO2 regulation.

  • Capitalism Under Assault

    John Hood on future of capitalism; William Schlesinger and John Christy on global warming; David Guice on more authority for probation officers; Andy Taylor on why North Carolina is a donor state to the feds; Michael Sanera on local financial problems.

  • Report Shines Light on Local Government Costs in N.C.

    Chad Adams on local government costs in N.C.; Joe Hackney, Marc Basnight and Terry Stoops on education spending; Martin Nesbitt on governor's education changes; Stacie Rumenap on Internet child predators; Brian Balfour on dissolving Golden Leaf Foundation.

  • Calls to Raise Teacher Pay Ignore Total Compensation Data

    Terry Stoops on teacher pay; Bobby Jindal on role of culture in success of America; Scott Mooneyham on prospect of pink slips for state workers; Legislators and Tony Tetterton on forced annexation; Jay Schalin on bias in NC State's Millennium Series.