CJ Radio (Page 111)

  • North Carolina Voters Head to the Polls

    John Hood with a preview of Nov. 3 election; Newt Gingrich and Jim DeMint on Obama administration policies; Cal Thomas on threat posed by radical Islam; Darrell Allison on Obama's view of school choice; Terry Stoops on impact of Wake school board upheaval.

  • Online Courses Infuse Higher Ed Market with Competition

    George Leef on online education; Michael Barone on voter enthusiasm and election trends; Donna Arduin on job-killing impact of stimulus plan; Bev Perdue and Becki Gray on government transparency; Donna Martinez and Mitch Kokai on appeal of video poker ban.

  • Seven Steps to a Better and Saner State Budget

    Joe Coletti on seven steps to a saner and better state budget; Andy Taylor on tobacco's changing political fortunes; Yuri Maltsev on the history of communism; Robert Spencer on Islamic extremists; Michael Sanera on efforts to make landlords into cops.

  • Perdue Heads to Asia With a Flawed Strategy

    John Hood on Perdue's Asia trip; John Fund on plans by liberals to push policy goals; David Williams on need for Fed scrutiny; Allen Basala on positive impact of regulatory review process; Jon Ham on media coverage of President Obama.

  • Consumer-Driven Health Care: Foundation for Reform

    Jenna Ashley Robinson on a plan for college-bound students; Bob Seligson, Joe Coletti, and Tim Phillips on consumer driven health care reform and other approaches; Alfred Regnery on conservative books that changed history; Roy Cordato on a new ban.

  • Lessons for Congress in N.C.’s High-Risk Insurance Pool?

    Joe Coletti on N.C.'s high-risk insurance pool; Rally attendees on health care reform; Carrier Prejean on her experience with political correctness; Grover Norquist on possible conservative resurgence; Rick Henderson on state push to acquire Alcoa dams.

  • JLF Checklist Targets Top Education Issues

    Terry Stoops on education checklist and key issues; Kay Hagan, Richard Burr, and cancer survivor Tracy Walsh on health care reform; Mark McNeilly on applying ancient Chinese military text to the business world; Roy Cordato on 2009 ozone ratings.

  • A Recovery Plan for North Carolina’s Economy

    John Hood on N.C.'s economic future; Bev Perdue and Terry Stoops on K-12 education cuts; Hugh Blackwell on scrutinizing administrative bloat; Jason Kay on taxpayer support of biotech; Daren Bakst on controversy over wind turbines in N.C. mountains.

  • UNC Retreat Packages Reveal Life Inside the Ivory Tower

    Jane Shaw on UNC retreat packages; Jeanette Doran on a First Amendment victory involving lawyers; HansMarc Hurd on Iranian presidential election; Program Evaluation Oversight Committee members on state contracts; Troy Kickler on N.C.'s eugenics program.

  • The Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Legislative Session

    Becki Gray on legislative session highs and lows; Jennis Biser on Milton Friedman and "public choice theory"; Beverly Perdue on state budget deal; Tom Fetzer on NC GOP's election battle plan; Terry Stoops on K-12 education budget.