CJ Radio (Page 88)

  • Massive Federal Interventions Cast Pall Over Economy

    Roy Cordato on impact of Obama policies on economy; John Hood on perils of forced annexation; Advocates debate the "bullying bill"; Andy Taylor on his opposition to legislative session limits; and Jenna Ashley Robinson on options to college.

  • The Death Tax: Helping Kill Job Creation in North Carolina

    JLF's John Hood explains the death tax; Joe "The Plumber," Dallas Woodhouse, Thom Tillis and John Blust advocate for lower taxes and smaller government; Jonathan Krohn reflects on conservatism and youth; Rick Henderson discusses journalism's future.

  • Academic Freedom: Defense for Bad Behavior or Needed Shield?

    George Leef on academic freedom; Scott Hodge on tax breaks & targeted incentives; Doug Lance on prison alternatives; Pete Brunstetter, William Current and Nelson Dollar on independent redistricting commission; Terry Stoops on nonclassroom personnel growth.

  • The North Carolina Constitution and Your Wallet

    Joe Coletti on N.C. House budget plans; Gene Boyce, Jeff Broadwater, John Dinan and Bob Orr on the N.C. Constitution and taxation; Rick Glazier and Terry Stoops on giving schools budget flexibility; Mitch Kokai and Donna Martinez on Sonia Sotomayor.

  • Would You Travel Overseas For Cheaper Medical Care?

    Becki Gray on key legislative bills; Eddie Goodall, Connie Book, Jane Pinsky and Damon Circosta on televising the legislature; Tim Moore on status of state's death penalty; Rajesh Rao on medical tourism; and Dallas Woodhouse on Take Back Our State rally.

  • Investigations and Questions Swirl Around Mike Easley

    Don Carrington on Mike Easley controversy; Bradley Smith on problems with taxpayer-financed elections; Jane Shaw on value of a school's reputation; Hugh Holliman and Eddie Goodall, and Daren Bakst on pros and cons of a smoking ban.

  • Do Lawmakers Want to Modernize the Code, Or Just Raise Taxes?

    Terry Stoops put Wake County and Charlotte/Meck school systems under a microscope; Dan Clodfelter, David Hoyle, Phil Berger, Paul Stam, and Joe Coletti discuss modernizing the state's tax code; and Michael Sanera offers policy advice to local officials.

  • Tax Day Tea Parties Energize Fiscal Conservatives

    "Tea party" activists on concerns over rising taxes; Becki Gray on energy and momentum of the "tea parties" Eddie Goodall on repealing the death tax, David Hartgen on state's transportation issues, David Bass on fraud in free- and reduced-lunch program.

  • Students Turn to Essay Mills for Freshly Written Papers

    George Leef on essay mills; Harry Brown, Courtney Clapp, June Atkinson and Bill Downey on career/tech education; Dan Clodfelter on unspecified tax increases in budget; Holly Brewer on John Locke's opposition to slavery; Joe Coletti on Senate budget.