North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is releasing a new book in September in which he indicates strong consideration for a run for governor in 2024.

In the book, titled “We Are the Majority: The Life and Passions of a Patriot,” Robinson writes, “I am quite serious about possibly running for governor of the state of North Carolina in 2024. We have had a leader who has taken us a long way in the wrong direction over the course of his two terms, and that’s where I think I could be of great service to the people of this state. Somebody’s got to right this ship before it sinks.”

Robinson’s book walks through his life, from growing up impoverished living in a rat-infected house “on the wrong side” of Greensboro to becoming the state’s first black lieutenant governor after the 2020 election.

Robinson rose to fame after giving a fiery speech in favor of the Second Amendment at a Greensboro City Council meeting in 2018. A video of the speech has garnered more than 150 million views since then. Not long afterward, he knew a bid for public office was in his future. Seeking the lieutenant governor’s office made the most sense to him.

In a sit-down interview with Carolina Journal, Robinson shared how his life experiences have shaped the man he is today. He recounted the defining memory of his childhood — when his mother chose to go to work rather than rely on welfare after his dad passed away.

“To see my mom get up every day and literally walk to work, before she was able to buy a car, and go and work hard and do a very good job, it definitely made a huge impact on my life,” Robinson said. “That was the turning point for our family. Our family took a huge upward swing when my mom went to work.”

As an adult, Robinson’s working-class background has contributed to helping him do the job of lieutenant governor, he said. Robinson’s work history includes management roles at a pizza restaurant and a furniture manufacturer, and owning a daycare center.

“Those experiences have served me well and they keep me grounded because they remind me of why I’m here. I’m not here to serve myself. I’m here to serve the people of North Carolina, who share the experiences I’ve had,” Robinson said.

Robinson shared that the most pivotal moment of his adult life was his decision to speak at the Greensboro City Council meeting.

“What I really thought about was the people who had stood up and sacrificed for me to get me where I am. If I don’t stand up and do something now, I never will,” he said.

Asked what has surprised him the most about being lieutenant governor, Robinson pointed to political bickering.

“There have been no surprises except how deep politics effects every move you make, on both sides, up and down, all around,” he said.

A Civitas poll of likely voters from April showed that Robinson is the most popular Republican elected official in the state. More than 53% have a favorable opinion of Robinson, with just 6% offering an unfavorable opinion. U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis approaches 49% favorability, with 38% registering an unfavorable opinion.

Robinson’s book will be released September 27.