• Physicians Remain Unhappy With Certificate of Need Reforms

    RALEIGH — A bill intended to reduce medical-related lawsuits and expenses stemming from the state’s certificate of need process and to make it easier for private physician clinics to compete with hospitals is getting pushback from an organization representing doctors. The North Carolina Medical Society prefers the current law to House Bill 83.

  • Certificate of Need Law Under Microscope

    RALEIGH — Private surgeons and physicians want to reform the state’s certificate of need law — the legal process to obtain state approval for a variety of equipment, facilities, and procedures to ensure they are not duplicative of existing situations. Hospitals say specialty surgery centers will cherry-pick the insured patients hospitals need to cover the costs of treating the indigent and uninsured.

  • Friday Interview: Certificate of Need Laws Critiqued

    RALEIGH — When a North Carolina hospital wants to expand services to a new location, add more beds at its current location, or even purchase major medical equipment, it needs permission from state government. Dr. Roy Cordato, vice president for research and resident scholar at the John Locke Foundation, has studied the impact of this state intervention into the medical services field. He discussed the topic with Donna Martinez for Carolina Journal Radio.

  • Appeals judge highlights key problem with certificate-of-need law

    At least one judge considering the latest certificate-of-need case at the N.C. Court of Appeals sees a key problem with the state’s CON law. “I think part of the challenge we have is that even the fundamentals of the certificate-of-need regime are somewhat counterintuitive,” said Judge Richard Dietz, one of…

  • JLF’s Jon Guze analyzes lawsuit challenging N.C. certificate-of-need law

    Jon Guze, John Locke Foundation director of legal studies, discusses Dr. Gajendra Singh’s lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s certificate-of-need requirement for magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, machines. Guze offered these comments during an interview with Donna Martinez for Carolina Journal Radio.