• Panelists agree more SROs needed but differ on certification

    CARY — Panelists at a Juvenile Justice Workshop say school resource officers are valuable in protecting students and faculty, but more rigorous and realistic training is needed. The panel was part of an all-day symposium featuring discussions on the juvenile justice system, student mental…

  • Businesses Need Space To Grow

    Let’s keep clearing North Carolina's regulatory underbrush. That will leave space for new ideas, companies, and jobs to grow.

  • FCC Moves Raise Awareness of Broadband Needs

    RALEIGH — The move by the Federal Communications Commission to trump state laws placing restrictions on cities that want to provide broadband service has raised awareness of high-speed Internet service in society, the head of a national telecommunications association said Tuesday.

  • The Need For Innovative School Superintendents

    Terry Stoops on finding innovative school leaders; property owners explain how N.C.'s Map Act hurts them; Thom Goolsby on worries over surveillance technology; Scott Maitland on reforming ABC laws; Katherine Restrepo on unleashing competition in medicine

  • Dr. Richard Bruch discusses roadblocks to needed N.C. CON reforms

    Dr. Richard Bruch, orthopedic surgeon and past president of the N.C. Medical Society, supports reform of North Carolina’s certificate-of-need law. He says powerful interests help block helpful reforms. Bruch offered these comments during an Oct. 13, 2014, speech for the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society.

  • Bill Would Impose Tax on Appliances Lacking Energy Certificate

    RALEIGH — House Bill 135 also would establish an inverted electricity rate structure on customers using power generated by electric public utilities. Under that rate structure, consumers who use higher quantities of energy would pay more per kilowatt hour than those who consume less energy.

  • Bill Easing Rules Could Aid Struggling Rural Hospitals

    RALEIGH — Two rural hospitals could be reopened under state legislation that includes the first substantive reform of North Carolina’s certificate of need regulation. Pungo District Hospital in Belhaven could be the first beneficiary of the legislative change to the state CON law contained in an amended version of House Bill 20. Yadkin Valley Community Hospital in Yadkinville stands to benefit from a separate provision in the bill.

  • CON Regulations Prove Useless

    The requirement of a certificate of need for health care facilities and major equipment fails to optimize the “triple aim” of reducing health care costs, increasing access, and improving quality.

  • Politics Battles Principles in CON Debate

    RALEIGH — The conflict conservative legislators face between satisfying constituents and staying true to free-market principles is playing out in the debate over the scope of North Carolina’s certificate of need law, a set of rules governing where a host of medical facilities — diagnostic centers, psychiatric beds, and free-standing clinics known as ambulatory surgery centers — can operate.