• Weekly Report 2011-02-18

    For the week of February 18, 2011 – carolinajournal.com Reaction of the Week RALEIGH — North Carolina needs a thorough review of the number and types of courses offered in its public schools, especially during tight budget times. The…

  • Governor Perdue Holds Year-End Press Event

    Raleigh, N.C. – Governor Beverly Perdue answered questions on a wide range of issues during her final year-end roundtable with reporters. She claimed to have identified enough cuts to balance all but $900 million in the state’s impending $3.5 billion deficit. In this portion she discussed the controversy in…

  • Perdue Targets Boards and Commissions

    RALEIGH — Appointments to boards and commissions traditionally have been considered a major element of political patronage. Perdue is seeking to eliminate dozens of boards to which Republicans are poised to make significant appointments.

  • Round and Round He Goes

    Time to clear out my notebook again, with comments on video gambling, transportation, university funding, and financial reform.

  • Iffy Investments, Excessive Spending Drain Escheat Fund

    RALEIGH — Investments by the Escheat Fund initiated by former state Treasurer Richard Moore have gone sour, and as legislators continue to raid the principal of the fund for scholarships, current Treasurer Janet Cowell has warned that the fund could go broke by 2012 unless the General Assembly turns down the spigot.

  • Weekly Report 2010-06-04

    For the week of June 04, 2010 – carolinajournal.com Reaction of the Week SOUTHPORT — Nearly five years have passed since the North Carolina State Ports Authority bought 600 acres near Southport to build a $3 billion project it…

  • Volume 19, Number 6 – June 2010

    Cover • Southport port proposal spurs opposition • Salt war could victimize country hams North Carolina • N.C. seeks to operate high-risk insurance pool, Page 2 • Iffy investments, excessive spending drain state’s Escheat Fund, Page 3 • Perdue, lawmakers, tangle over bridges, Page 4 •…

  • Three Escheats to the Wind

    If you leave a pot of money in Raleigh too long, state legislators will try to get their hands on it for other purposes.