• Three Escheats to the Wind

    If you leave a pot of money in Raleigh too long, state legislators will try to get their hands on it for other purposes.

  • Weekly Report 2010-03-05

    For the week of March 05, 2010 – carolinajournal.com Reaction of the Week RALEIGH — North Carolina’s centerpiece air-quality regulation is expected to cost electric customers more than $3.2 billion, far more than supporters ever projected. Meanwhile, the…

  • The Cult of the Next Big Thing

    RALEIGH -- You can call it the Cult of the Next Big Thing, the belief that the key to transforming the economy of most any place is a single, massive project. The economic development equivalent, if you will, of a game-winning grand slam in the bottom of the ninth. And yet, these deals are typically something so simple that they can be reduced to a single word or phrase.

  • Golden LEAF Retains Close Ties to Easley

    RALEIGH — As federal prosecutors investigate alleged campaign finance violations and other suspected wrongdoing by embattled former Gov. Mike Easley, his law partners and other associates continue to play key roles in the management of the Golden LEAF Foundation, which distributes half of the state’s tobacco settlement money.

  • Teacher Paradise in Jackson County Attracts Scrutiny

    CULLOWHEE — Most people visit Jackson County for the mountain vistas, camping, and trout fishing. Public school teachers come here for the training. The remote county might seem an unlikely site for North Carolina’s only professional development center devoted exclusively to reviving a love of learning in state educators.

  • Perdue to Inherit Bed of Thorns

    RALEIGH — When Beverly Perdue replaces Gov. Mike Easley on Jan. 10 she will inherit serious problems with North Carolina’s probation, mental health, and transportation systems, as well as a major budget shortfall.

  • Weekly Report 2008-03-28

    For the week of March 28, 2008 – carolinajournal.com Reaction of the Week RALEIGH — As Gov. Mike Easley’s special panel on email records retention had its first meeting, its leader is the object of a Carolina Journal…

  • Some Transport Issues To Study

    Most of the state’s political class believes there’s nothing left to study but which taxes and fees to raise to cover a projected funding gap in transportation.

  • Weekly Report 2006-12-01

    For the week of December 01, 2006 – carolinajournal.com Reaction of the Week RALEIGH – North Carolina electricity customers could pay an extra $181 million a year, thanks to the efforts of a consumer advocate that’s supposed to…

  • Volume 15, Number 7 – July 2006

    Cover • Decipering school administrator pay difficult • Greensboro shooting report prompts diverse reactions North Carolina • Complaint seeks info on payday lending campaign contributions, page 4 • Federal grand jury finds Gaskill guilty, page 4 Education • Online schools could be wave of future for cyber charters,…