• Small Cities Feel Airline Trends

    CHARLOTTE — Earlier this year, a regional airline affiliated with Delta Airlines began service to Kinston and Hickory. For the two communities, the new flights represented a payoff to long years of effort and hard work trying to lure an airline back to town. Delta's Hickory gambit failed, while service to Kinston is doing well.

  • On Rodeos, Markets, & Tar Babies

    What lessons can an Old Timer’s Workday and Festival Rodeo, a farmer’s market, the Charlotte trolley, the TransPark, Up With People, and Brer Rabbit’s nemesis offer us about government spending? Read on.

  • Weekly Report 2005-07-16

    For the week of July 16, 2005 – carolinajournal.com Reaction of the Week Lawmakers at the national, state and international level should avoid drastic measures to deal with global warming because of the huge economic costs for virtually no…

  • Weekly Report 2005-05-31

    For the week of May 31, 2005 – carolinajournal.com Reaction of the Week The cost to individuals of government services in North Carolina continues to climb, according to a recent John Locke Foundation Spotlight report. According to fiscal policy…

  • Auto Research Center in Jeopardy

    RALEIGH — Boosters of an automotive research center planned for Northampton County, who were hoping for $30 million in taxpayer funding over the next two years, are trying to get their pet project back on track after it was left out of the budget recently approved by the state Senate. Named the Advanced Vehicle Research Center, the project would be located off I-95 north of Roanoke Rapids and would provide automotive testing services at a facility that would include a 2.5-mile closed loop test track, laboratories, garages, and office space.

  • Weekly Report 2005-04-30

    For the week of April 30, 2005 – carolinajournal.com Reaction of the Week A 2004 study on the academic impact and effectiveness of charter schools in North Carolina, authored for the Terry Sanford Institute by…

  • Weekly Report 2005-04-22

    For the week of April 22, 2005 – carolinajournal.com Reaction of the Week The “clean smokestacks” legislation, passed in 2002, mandates that a commission be established to study policy options for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2)…

  • It’s All About the Priorities

    North Carolina's most populous county is also the most-taxed among urban communities in the state. Now local officials are talking about raising taxes for schools — and funding new ballparks and museums. Talk about irony.

  • A Risky Path to Add Venture

    Legislation to authorize more investment risk for the state’s unclaimed property account could be worth consideration — except for the comments of its supporters.