Archive: 2013 General Assembly

  • McCrory Calls Federal Election Lawsuit ‘In The Fringes’

    RALEIGH — Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday struck back at the federal government, saying the U.S. Department of Justice was “working in the fringes.” McCrory, a Republican, said the state would defend the lawsuit filed by the Democratic administration of President Barack Obama against the state’s new election laws vigorously.

  • Governor 0-for-2 During Veto Override Session

    RALEIGH — Before this week, the only time the General Assembly had overridden the veto of a governor who shared the same political party as the legislative majority occurred in 2008. That override also occurred during a reconvened veto session, which at the time was another first.

  • Experts See Election Reforms Having Little Effect On Turnout

    RALEIGH — Recent modifications to North Carolina’s election laws — including changes affecting voter identification, early voting, same-day voter registration, and absentee ballot applications — would have almost no effect on voter turnout, voting experts say. Even those critical of the new law say it’s difficult to gauge what impact…

  • Auditor: State Unlikely To Recover Rural Center Interest Earnings

    RALEIGH — State legislators racked their brains trying to come up with ways to recoup $20 million in interest the Rural Economic Development Center had earned — primarily on state tax dollars the center deposited in a private bank account. But state Auditor Beth Wood told a legislative committee it's…

  • Legislature Extends Little-Used Local Debt Vehicle

    HILLSBOROUGH — State Sen. Jeff Tarte, R-Mecklenburg, believes Special Assessment District revenue bonds may be the fairest method of taxation for economic development infrastructure projects even if the financing instrument attracted only one successful applicant in the five years the bonds have been an option for local governments.

  • State Budget Sets McCrory’s Medicaid Reforms in Motion

    RALEIGH — The new state budget includes a provision creating an advisory panel to rewrite the way the state delivers Medicaid services. It’s part of the Partnership for a Healthy North Carolina reforms championed by the McCrory administration. The budget adds more than $1 billion to Medicaid spending to cover what…

  • Major Regulatory Reform Caps Legislative Session

    RALEIGH — Lawmakers wrapped up the 2013 legislative session with a bill embracing broad regulatory reform. The 68-page bill crossed into several functions of state government and reached into the powers of local governments. The bill sought to rein in regulations and requirements that some local governments put on businesses,…