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  • McCrory to NCGA: Don’t spend tainted pipeline money

    Former Gov. Pat McCrory, a Republican, urged the General Assembly not to spend any money from a fund negotiated by his Democratic successor, Roy Cooper, and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline operators, saying the process for securing the money was tainted. In a phone interview the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 13,…

  • Inconsistency is common in politics

    Would you want to run for re-election in 2018 having voted against hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for teaching positions and preschool programs? Democrats felt they had no choice.

  • Cooper spokesman faces barrage of questions about pipeline fund

    Lee Lilley did little to assuage Republicans’ concerns over a $57.8 million “voluntary” payment to Gov. Roy Cooper’s office from companies building the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Lawmakers doggedly questioned Lilley, who Cooper hired as his director of legislative affairs less than a week ago,…

  • Governor Cooper’s separation anxiety

    Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper spent much of his first 13 months in office defending the venerated principle of separation of powers. At the end of January, however, by signing a $57.8 million deal connected with the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Cooper basically proved he’s been acting like a hypocrite all along.

  • Virginia, N.C. pipeline deals differ greatly

    On its face, the agreement between the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Commonwealth of Virginia looks similar to the deal the pipeline operators signed with Gov. Roy Cooper. Both allow the pipeline to cross private and public property in each state and deliver natural gas to communities along…

  • Is pipeline deal OK because Cooper says so?

    Editor’s note: Please see updated material at the end of this story. Is a financial agreement between the governor of North Carolina and a private party legal just because the governor says so? That’s the gist of the memorandum of understanding hammered out between Gov. Roy Cooper’s administration and the…

  • Lead with mind, not chin

    During Roy Cooper's first year as governor, North Carolina had grown less robustly and added jobs at a slower rate than it did when Pat McCrory was governor.