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  • UPDATED: Bill Freezing Renewable Mandate Squeaks Through First Vote

    RALEIGH — After two hours of discussion and comment earlier this afternoon, House Bill 298, a measure freezing the state’s renewable energy portfolio standard, squeaked through a House Commerce subcommittee 11-10. Republicans Tom Murray of Wake County and Ruth Samuelson of Mecklenburg County joining eight Democrats opposing the bill.

  • JLF Report Urges Repeal of Costly, Ineffective Renewable Energy Mandate

    RALEIGH — North Carolina should repeal its six-year-old renewable-energy mandate. It has raised electricity prices for consumers while failing to meet its original goals. That's the key conclusion in a new John Locke Foundation Spotlight report, which also questions new job-related justifications for the mandate. At the very least, state…

  • Renewable Energy Mandates Face Scrutiny From GOP Lawmakers

    RALEIGH — Interest is coalescing around legislation that would repeal a law forcing energy companies to buy increasingly larger volumes of costly, tax-subsidized, renewable energy. Rep. Mike Hager, R-Rutherford, is drafting language for a bill as Gov. Pat McCrory pushes for offshore wind farms — a form of renewable energy…

  • CJ Editoral: License To Stifle

    Many licensing rules are little more than a protection racket, allowing existing practitioners to block would-be competitors from offering their services. Time to clean house.

  • JLF: Energy Mandates Ignore Customer Demands

    RALEIGH — New energy mandates could drive up North Carolina’s regionally high electricity rates, even though consumers have shown little interest in paying more for renewable energy sources, a John Locke Foundation Spotlight report says.