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  • Direct Primary Care Seen As Alternative To Insurance

    RALEIGH — Amy Walsh remembers vividly the day she quit her job as primary-care doctor at a medical practice to seek a better way to provide health care. In a few weeks she will join nearly a dozen direct primary care family practices in North Carolina that deliver primary services…

  • McCrory Signs Medicaid Reform

    RALEIGH — After several major revisions, on Tuesday Medicaid reform that had delayed budget approvals in recent years passed the General Assembly. Gov. Pat McCrory signed the measure yesterday. The law overhauls the delivery of Medicaid services in a hybrid plan comprising Managed Care Organizations and separate Provider-Led Entities.

  • Critics: CCNC Audit Accurate But Not Very Useful

    RALEIGH — Critics questioned whether a recent state audit attributing a 9 percent savings in Medicaid costs to the nonprofit Community Care of North Carolina was a useful guide to policymakers weighing reforms in the government health insurance program covering 1.4 million poor, elderly, and disabled North Carolina residents.

  • House To Consider Senate-Passed Medicaid Reform

    RALEIGH — The Senate on Tuesday rejected a last-minute amendment that would expand Medicaid eligibility, and with 34-10 bipartisan support passed a bill making sweeping changes to the government insurance program for the poor, elderly, and disabled. Sen. Terry Van Duyn, D-Buncombe, introduced the amendment that would have expanded Medicaid…

  • Senate Could Send Medicaid Reform To House Today

    RALEIGH — The Senate on Monday night gave preliminary approval to House Bill 372, the Medicaid Transformation Act, by a 38-10 vote after a dispute over rules and decorum and a testy debate over whether this legislation would make expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act more likely. The…

  • Wos Resignation May Open Door for Medicaid Reform

    RALEIGH — The resignation of state Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos, announced Wednesday, could bring Medicaid reform, a goal of Senate legislative leaders, one step closer. Key senators announced Wednesday afternoon that they would remove Medicaid reform provisions from their budget proposal “in the coming days” to speed…

  • Medicaid Reform Part of Senate Budget Plan

    RALEIGH — Senate leaders’ $21.63 billion General Fund budget proposal includes major policy initiatives relating to Medicaid, led by removing responsibility for Medicaid from the state Department of Health and Human Services while creating a Cabinet-level Health Benefits Authority to administer the $14 billion government insurance program.

  • Medicaid, Competition, and Accountability

    The key is not so much who offers services, but whether Medicaid is patient-centered, provides comprehensive care, gives meaningful choices, caps costs, and allows plenty of competition to ensure quality and drive down costs.

  • Experts: Fix Medicaid Before Considering Expansion

    RALEIGH — Experts at a recent briefing for policymakers said North Carolina should reform Medicaid before thinking about expansion under Obamacare of the health insurance program for the poor and disabled. They said reform principles advocated in both legislative chambers could be reconciled.

  • Officials: Checking Medicaid Eligibility Could Be Costly

    RALEIGH — The state would have to repay any federal dollars the state provided to ineligible Medicaid recipients within one year, whether or not the state recovered money from the recipients or providers, Sen. Ralph Hise, R-Mitchell, said. That could spell trouble for a government insurance program that routinely spends…