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  • Let the sun shine on government — all year long

    Journalists are criticized today for any number of things. They’re biased and even evil. They invent stories and propagate fake news, an allegation, by the way, that’s as dangerous as it is wrongheaded and ridiculous. That’s not what good journalists do. Period. Good journalists are vital…

  • No celebration for Randy Parton Theatre’s 10th anniversary

    Ten years ago — July 26, 2007 — one of North Carolina’s most spectacular economic development boondoggles hosted its first performance. Dolly Parton’s brother Randy performed his first public show at the Roanoke Rapids theater that would bear his name. Parton had a contract to perform at the 35,000-square foot, 1,500-seat…

  • Document Shows Conflict in Parton Project

    RALEIGH — Former state-funded economic developer Rick Watson was the business manager for Randy Parton’s company at the same time he was recruiting Parton on behalf of North Carolina, according to documents obtained by Carolina Journal.

  • Parton Also Had Eyes on Missouri

    RALEIGH — Randy Parton says that for three years he dedicated his life to making the Roanoke Rapids theater a success, but after he signed the deal with the city Parton also tried to launch a clothing line and build a similar theater in Missouri.

  • Parton Funds Bought $600 Custom Pants

    RALEIGH — The Partons stretched the adage “wearing out your welcome” to new limits when ordering wardrobes with public money, according to Randy Parton Theatre documents obtained from North Carolina’s Northeast Commission.

  • Leaders Teamed Up on Parton Deal

    RALEIGH — State Senate leader Marc Basnight, House Speaker Jim Black, and DOT Transportation Secretary Lyndo Tippett helped state economic developer Rick Watson launch the Randy Parton Theatre in Roanoke Rapids, according to documents obtained by Carolina Journal.

  • Parton Project Attracts Political Firepower

    ROANOKE RAPIDS — The Sanford Holshouser law firm, founded by two former governors, is emerging as a key player in developments surrounding the Randy Parton Theatre in Roanoke Rapids. Adding to the political firepower attracted by the troubled project, the two leading Democratic candidates for governor have made the theater’s…

  • Official Owned Part of Theater Co.

    ROANOKE RAPIDS — A state-funded economic developer who recruited Randy Parton to headline a theater in northeast North Carolina owned a one-third interest in the company that managed the theater, documents show.