Bonds and sales-tax hikes on the ballot in 20+ NC counties

During this November’s midterm elections, five counties will vote on a referendum to raise their county’s sales tax by a quarter of a percent. Many other counties are proposing bond referendums to fund various projects within their counties. 

Brayden Marsh

Trump’s New Hanover visit highlights importance of coastal county

Donald Trump’s visit to New Hanover County, specifically the Wilmington International Airport, highlights the importance of the “Port City” and its home county, one of two North Carolina counties that embraced Trump in 2016 and rejected him in 2020.  New Hanover has become one of the most purple counties in North Carolina, and the largest...

Dallas Woodhouse

N.C. ABC creates board to help address problems, but will it only add to an already bloated bureaucracy?

The N.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control system has a new commissioner. It gets continued reassurance from its boards and warehouse operator that they’ll get it right and, to that end, newly created groups meant to help them do so. Yet, in myriad ways, it’s mostly still the old N.C. ABC system. Liquor held by local boards...

John Trump

As push for masks surges, young Republicans take stand against mandates

Climbing COVID-19 hospitalizations in North Carolina have energized the campaign for renewed mask mandates. The rules have also sparked protests from some who view it as a threat to personal liberty and dispute the efficacy of masking toward mitigating the spread of coronavirus. A group of young liberty-minded Republicans from Wake County organized a protest...

Jeff Moore

William A. Caster

William (Bill) Caster is a County Commissioner for New Hanover county and is in his 13th year in county office. While in public office for New Hanover County, Commissioner Caster has supported consolidation and privatization wherever possible. In the midst of tremendous growth and faced with unfunded state mandates and low state funding, Caster has helped Wilmington and surrounding areas move towards achieving both.

Chad Adams

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