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  • North Carolina thrives on trade

    Levying tariffs to jack up steel prices will hurt other manufacturing firms, which employ vastly more North Carolinians (and other Americans) than the steel companies do.

  • Revolving around the president’s sun 

    Donald Trump is the sun of the contemporary American political system. Its institutions, such as Congress, the parties, the media, the states, think tanks, popular culture all revolve around him as if planets. On a recent visit to the United Kingdom, I discovered his gravitational pull extends far beyond our shores. The president structures…

  • How To Read This Column

    I and others who espouse the virtues of smaller government and greater freedom may be mistaken. But our beliefs derive from logic and experience. Please structure your rebuttals accordingly.

  • Idolize the Dream Gig

    Wanna be an American Idol? If you can't make the cut, blame Adam Smith. Smith was an eighteenth-century Scottish Enlightenment philosopher. I don't know if he could sing, but he had some interesting things to say, by implication, about why would-be performers also wait tables, teach lessons, drive school busses,…

  • No. 114: Economic Sentiments: Was Adam Smith a Liberal?

    There is a burgeoning movement afoot to redefine Adam Smith as a “liberal” of the contemporary, progressive sort, rather than as the icon of classical liberalism he is standardly taken to be. It has never been a secret that Smith was not an anarchist, nor even, probably, a monarchist.