Trump turned the light on a government that had darkened our lives

The outcome of the presidential election puzzled many people. How could such a brash, offensive personality — who didn’t understand the nuances of conservatism, who spoke in politically incorrect tweets —win election to lead the world’s greatest nation? How could such a dark campaign bring us this? It started with a light bulb. In 2007,...

Becki Gray

Legislators Worry About Revival of Common Core

Members of a state legislative panel are concerned that a new federal education law could keep in place controversial Common Core educational standards that dictate to states how students are taught and what they must learn. Lawmakers quizzed state Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson on Tuesday during a meeting of the Joint Legislative Education...

Dan Way

NAEP Scores Show Mixed Results For NC Students

Terry Stoops on NC's mixed results on NAEP tests; legislators react to data on NC legislator pay; Cornell Wilson on priorities for military & veterans services; Derek Yonai on need to teach free markets; Katherine Restrepo on Obamacare's unkept promises

Katherine Restrepo, Dr. Terry Stoops

2016 Road To The White House Passes Through N.C.

Rick Henderson on N.C. as a 2016 battleground state; Peter Boettke on folly of 'emergency room economics'; Thom Tillis on problems with VA; Pat McCrory, Tony Tata & Derb Carter on replacing Bonner Bridge; Terry Stoops on review of Common Core standards

Rick Henderson, Dr. Terry Stoops

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CJ Investigates: Who Owns This Dare County Island?

Rick Henderson on CJ investigation into murky ownership of Dare County island; legislators debate differentiated pay for teachers; Jeb Bush on Common Core; Phil Kirk on N.C. governors he's known; and JLF's Becki Gray on key issues ahead for legislators

Rick Henderson, Becki Gray

Takeaways From The UNC-CH “Paper Classes” Scandal

Jane Shaw on issues uncovered by UNC-CH "paper classes"; Paul Slobodian on factions in education reform; legislators discuss future of Medicaid; Larry Schweikart on how rock music helped topple Berlin Wall; Terry Stoops on improving education standards.

Jane Shaw, Jane S. Shaw, Dr. Terry Stoops

Facts Refute Often Used Progressive Talking Point

John Hood on exiting extended federal unemployment benefit program; Terry Stoops & legislators on replacing Common Core; lawmakers on requiring moped insurance; Garland Pierce & Milton McCoy on role of fathers; Katherine Restrepo on Obamacare subsidies

Katherine Restrepo, Dr. Terry Stoops, John Hood

Another Parton-Connected Project In Trouble

Rick Henderson on second development tied to Partons; parents ask lawmakers to fully fund scholarships; legislators take aim at pension spiking & concerns over replacing Common Core with better standards; Troy Kickler on role of 13th amendment in history

Rick Henderson, Dr. Troy Kickler

New Era Of Energy Exploration Begins In N.C.

Becki Gray on oil exploration via fracking; Terry Stoops reacts to legislative comments about dropping Common Core; legislators discuss protecting the electric grid; John Staddon on pros & cons of British health care model; Roy Cordato on e-cigarette tax

John Staddon, Becki Gray, Dr. Terry Stoops, Dr. Roy Cordato