• Atkinson Faces Tough Questioning About Funding Shift

    State Sen. Chad Barefoot, R-Wake, grilled state Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson Tuesday on whether the state Department of Public Instruction violated legislative intent and budget requirements on a $2.5 million budget cut. The exchange occurred during a meeting of the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee one day…

  • Berger ‘Alarmed’ At Shift of Education Funding

    State Senate leader Phil Berger, R-Rockingham, said he is “alarmed” that the state Department of Public Instruction and State Board of Education agreed, possibly in violation of state open meetings laws and legislative requirements, to shift funds intended to help children learn to read into maintaining what he calls a…

  • Why Atkinson Will Be Superintendent

    The legal dispute between June Atkinson and Bill Fletcher over the results of the 2004 election for school superintendent has reached a legislative panel. Here's why Atkinson will prevail.

  • Contract Dispute Involves Atkinson

    RALEIGH — Knowledge Network Solutions has petitioned for a review of the Department of Public Instruction’s award of a $27 million contract to a rival firm, Voyager Expanded Learning of Dallas, whose board includes former Gov. Jim Hunt. Knowledge Network claims DPI first accepted its bid of $17.8 million, but…

  • What Is Racism?

    A column in a local newspaper marketed to black readers prompts the question of whether it is racist to mention only the black candidates in a political contest while neglecting to mention any white candidate running for the same office.