Carolina Journal News Reports May Be Key to Easley Plea Deal

RALEIGH — Don Carrington first reported on Easley’s free flights in October 2008, months before other media outlets. At the time, Easley campaign attorney John Wallace insisted the flights had been paid for, but the State Board of Elections concluded they had not.

Rick Henderson

What’s Ahead for Mike and Mary Easley?

Rick Henderson on Easley legal saga; Michael Pratt, Joe Maimone & Terry Stoops on charter cap; legislators on local supplement for community college presidents; Christopher Wolfe on subsidiarity concept; Daren Bakst on collecting DNA from arrestees.

Rick Henderson, Daren Bakst, Dr. Terry Stoops

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VIDEO: Top Easley Aide Takes Plea Deal From Federal Prosecutors

RALEIGH - Ruffin Poole agreed Monday to work with federal prosecutors investigating former Gov. Mike Easley. Poole changed his plea to guilty in connection with a 57 count indictment of corruption. He admitted to just one of the 57 charges — income tax evasion. The government agreed to drop the remaining charges in exchange for Poole's cooperation in its investigation of Easley. For the full report on Poole's plea agreement, click on the link.

Anthony Greco

Ex-Easley Lawyer Brought Up On New Corruption Charges

RALEIGH — Ruffin Poole, a top aide during Easley’s two terms as governor, now is indicted on 57 charges. He faces three new counts of income tax evasion and three of use of facilities in interstate commerce in aid of racketeering, both having a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

David N. Bass