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  • Mark Robinson understands that politics solves very little

    Mark Robinson was rewarded by conservative voters for having the courage to take a deep dive into the culture wars. Most years, Republicans barely got their toes wet. Many Republicans believed the path to electoral success was to focus solely on economic issues while largely ignoring the left’s long…

  • Will you take the vaccine?

    If we want some semblance of normalcy to return to our economy, our communities, our households, and our personal freedoms, we cannot afford merely to assume vaccination rates will be high.

  • Elections are a soap opera

    Elections are not like movies with clear endings. They are soap operas. That shocking, cliffhanger ending on Friday? Exciting, yes. But the story continues on Monday.

  • Faulty number skewed health debate

    Now that the individual mandate is essentially gone, we should be embracing reforms that work with our traditions of individual freedom and federalism rather than against them.

  • What to do if you lose

    Although you may strongly disagree with victorious politicians against whose election you worked, keep in mind that they believe their public service will advance the public good as they see it.

  • Wheel of politics always turns

    The wisest course is to craft political institutions and make procedural rules as if you don’t know which party will be on top in the future — because you really don't.

  • Carolina politics offers national lessons

    On a measure of net lean to the Democrats or Republicans, North Carolina are one of only six states (along with Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Maine, and Colorado) to be within two points of the national median.