• Auditorium Retrofit Nixed in Greensboro

    GREENSBORO — Greensboro voters might have turned down a $50 million bond to retrofit the city-owned War Memorial Auditorium, but there’s still plenty of public money waiting to be spent on the immediate area surrounding the deteriorating auditorium.

  • Lindalyn’s Journal

    In just a few short weeks, voters across North Carolina will head to the polls. This year – like many others before it – school bond referenda will appear on ballots in a number of counties. Since 1995, North Carolinians have weighed in on 89 bond referenda (.pdf), passing 70…

  • Lindalyn’s Journal

    Ballots are in, and the 2005 election is now history. Voters, elected officials, and the non-voting public are left to sift through and interpret the results. While voter frustration was palpable, in the end, not much has changed.

  • Call. 66: Lawmakers Back UNC Bonds

    To the applause of UNC leaders and amid self-congratulation, House and Senate members on Wednesday approved $3.1 billion in bonds for North Carolina's public colleges and universities. But debate over equity and accountability continue as UNC leaders face ostensibly their biggest challenge yet - making their case to voters in…

  • Call. 65: University Stewardship Questioned

    While Republican lawmakers say they will support the $3.1 billion bond proposal for the UNC campuses, many say they have misgivings about the way the state's public universities are managed. Some are calling for accountability measures.

  • Call. 19: Bonds: The Anwer to UNC’s Construction Cost?

    Bonds may not be the best answer to UNC's rising construction cost, according to a recent analysis by the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy. The report comes in the wake of a proposal by the UNC Board of Governors to meet the university's construction needs by allowing the UNC-system…