Buncombe County hit hard, but not just by COVID-19

North Carolina’s tourism industry lost more than half of its jobs in the first part of 2020 following Gov. Roy Cooper’s lockdowns. Annual visitor spending decreased 32% from 2019. Buncombe County in particular took a significant hit. Visitor spending decreased by a whopping 34.9% from 2019, the 10th largest among North Carolina counties. Given the county...

Paige Terryberry

Mountaintop Landowners in Buncombe County Told to Take a Hike

ASHEVILLE — In an effort to curtail the escalating trend of landowners building on steep slopes and ridges, Buncombe County commissioners voted 5-0 in October to provide stricter guidelines for those wanting to build on slopes with a grade of 25 percent or higher.

Karen Welsh

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