• N.C. Democrats Push Gun Control in Wake of Newtown

    RALEIGH — Three Democratic members of the North Carolina congressional delegation have joined President Obama in calling for more gun control as a means of preventing a mass shooting like the one Dec. 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

  • UNC Healthcare CEO Calls for Single-Payer Health Insurance

    RALEIGH — Among the so-called myths Dr. Bill Roper attempted to debunk was the notion that “the American health care system is the best in the world” and President Obama’s promise that “if you like your health care the way it is, nothing about it will need to change.”…

  • Food Trucks Still Not Free of Restaurant Ties

    RALEIGH — Five months after state lawmakers passed a law freeing food truck owners from a regulation that required them to rent space in a restaurant or commissary, no food truck operator has taken advantage of it. The Mobile Food Vendors Association said most don’t know about the new law,…

  • Barefoot and Berger Highlight Parties’ Struggle for Power

    RALEIGH — Leaders in the North Carolina Republican Party are doing all they can to help Chad Barefoot get elected to the Senate District 18 seat as part of a larger effort to expand their new majority and advance their agenda. If Barefoot defeats incumbent Democrat Doug Berger, it will…

  • Goolsby and Butler At Odds on More than Abortion

    RALEIGH — Much of Democratic state Senate District 9 candidate Deborah Butler’s campaign against freshman Republican Sen. Thom Goolsby has focused on a piece of anti-abortion legislation he supported, even though both candidates say their primary goal is job creation.

  • Raleigh Considers Allowing More Food Trucks

    RALEIGH — Since Raleigh legalized food trucks a year ago, 18 have been permitted to operate in 11 locations. After receiving only positive feedback about the roaming restaurants, city council now is considering opening up a few more places for them to park.

  • Nutrition Board Casts Net Far Beyond Paleo-Diet Blogger

    RALEIGH — The N.C. Board of Dietetics/Nutrition has investigated nearly 50 people or organizations over the past five years, including athletic trainers, a nurse, a pharmacist, a spa, and even Duke Integrative Medicine, according to a document provided to Carolina Journal.

  • Holding Likely To Benefit From New 13th District Lines

    RALEIGH — The redistricting plan adopted last year by the General Assembly morphed the boundaries of the 13th U.S. Congressional District so much that its own congressman chose not to seek re-election. The new district's demographics favor the GOP, so incumbent Democratic Rep. Brad Miller is not pursuing a sixth…

  • Paleo Diet Blogger Loses Round One of Free Speech Case

    RALEIGH — A federal judge has thrown out Paleo-diet blogger Steve Cooksey’s lawsuit against the North Carolina state agency he claims censored his blog and violated his freedom of speech. U.S. District Court Judge Max Coburn said Cooksey has no grounds to sue because he has not been injured yet.