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  • Cooper armed with bicoastal campaign donations

    Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper raised $605,649 — 7% of his 2019 campaign funds — from residents of New York and California, based on a Carolina Journal analysis of his campaign finance reports. But details about Cooper’s fundraising trips to those states are hard to…

  • Should a light shine on donors to nonprofits?

    Paul Gessing wanted to pop the top on the soda tax in Santa Fe, New Mexico. That was all.  The president of the libertarian Rio Grande Foundation never planned to file a lawsuit against the city. But when Santa Fe elected officials accused him of violating a campaign finance ordinance…

  • State GOP files campaign ethics complaint against governor

    What if the governor broke campaign finance laws but no state election board was there to rule? Maybe he would stall an investigation by not appointing members to the board. North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes offered that scenario Wednesday in a news conference.

  • N.C. Congressional Candidates: Should We Be Campaigning?

    U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson is “astonished” that a three-judge panel of the U.S. Middle District of North Carolina is holding the state’s congressional candidates in electoral limbo by failing to rule on whether new district boundaries will be used for the June 7 primary. “We haven’t heard a peep out…

  • Why Politics Costs So Little

    American politicians, parties, and interest groups spend relatively little on their electoral campaigns. And the side that spends the most money doesn’t always win.

  • The Court Has Spoken

    Lawmakers should vote down a bill to expand North Carolina’s system of taxpayer-funded campaigns for Council of State positions. It is flatly unconstitutional.