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  • UNC-Chapel Hill faculty gives free speech a boost

    CHAPEL HILL — Faculty leaders at the University of North Carolina’s flagship campus recently signed a resolution supporting First Amendment rights — a move that’s positive but may have little impact on actual policy, said Laura Beltz, a spokeswoman for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

  • UNC Board of Governors approves free speech policy

    The University of North Carolina Board of Governors approved a free speech policy that allows for termination of professors and expulsion of students. The policy, approved Dec. 15, outlines the kind of speech that isn’t protected, which includes unlawful harassment, true and credible threats, or…

  • Campus free speech bill heads to governor

    RALEIGH — North Carolina lawmakers have given the green light to a bill protecting free speech at public universities. In a 34-11 vote, House Bill 527, Restore/Preserve Free Speech, passed the Senate on Wednesday. The House, which passed H.B. 527 in April, on Thursday voted 77-34 to concur with the Senate’s revised version of the bill. H.B. 527 requires the University of North Carolina Board of Governors…

  • More UNC campuses giving free speech its due, FIRE reports

    RALEIGH — First Amendment Rights just got the “green light” on two University of North Carolina campuses. New findings from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a nonpartisan research and litigation organization, show a positive shift in speech protections at UNC Greensboro and North Carolina Central University.

  • UNC campuses no longer free-speech zones?

    RALEIGH — What started with a simple conversation among three students at North Carolina State University ended in a lawsuit. Hannalee Alrutz wanted something different, but actions by the administration left her little choice. Alrutz is president of Grace Christian Life, an evangelical campus group at N.C. State with roughly…