• Foundations Connected to CAPAG Management

    RALEIGH — Foundations that promote a troubling forecast from the threat of global warming might be more intimately involved than previously known with North Carolina’s hired directors for its Climate Action Plan Advisory Group.

  • State Agency, University Deny Records Requests

    RALEIGH — The North Carolina Climate Action Plan Advisory Group proclaims its commitment to “transparency,” but when asked by Carolina Journal to provide data and analysis by its consultant, the state-appointed panel had little information to offer.

  • No Cost-Benefit on Recommendations

    RALEIGH — A consultant to North Carolina’s Climate Action Plan Advisory Group yesterday acknowledged that his organization has conducted no cost-benefit analysis of recommendations CAPAG has made to a special legislative commission on global warming.

  • CAPAG Funding, Backing Questioned

    RALEIGH — A Division of Air Quality project that seeks to limit carbon dioxide emissions in North Carolina is funded mostly by environmental foundations that predict dire consequences if government does nothing to stop the global warming of the Earth.