• Wind Farm Project Could Disrupt Radar

    RALEIGH — Despite initial concerns by the U.S. Navy that a massive wind farm near Elizabeth City will disrupt a sophisticated radar station located near the Virginia-North Carolina border, the $400 million project will proceed. The radar system provides critical surveillance capability to support the Southern Command’s program to detect and…

  • Gang Leader Sought Prosecutor’s Murder

    RALEIGH — Federal prosecutor Denise Walker, who was forced into hiding for six weeks as a result of a drug dealer’s threats to have her killed, later resigned when her superiors in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Raleigh proposed a lesser sentence for the drug dealer and blocked any mention…

  • I-77 Lawsuit: Toll Deal Unconstitutional

    RALEIGH — Even though Gov. Pat McCrory has said the tolling project along the Interstate 77 corridor north of Charlotte will go forward, it faces a challenge to its constitutionality, as well as allegations the contractor did not meet full-disclosure requirements.

  • Business Leaders Make Case Against Toll Road

    RALEIGH — A group of Lake Norman-area business leaders traveled by chartered bus to Raleigh on Tuesday to urge state legislators to support a bill that would cancel the state’s contract with a private company to build and operate toll lanes on Interstate 77 between Charlotte and Mooresville. Sen. Jeff…

  • McCrory Not Budging on I-77 Toll Project

    RALEIGH — Despite widespread vocal opposition from area business leaders and residents, Gov. Pat McCrory and North Carolina Department of Transportation officials maintain it is too late for the state to scrap the controversial 26-mile Interstate 77 tolling project between Charlotte and Mooresville in favor of nontolled alternatives.

  • Heirs Finally Win Hammocks Beach Dispute

    RALEIGH — While John H. Hurst and Harriet Hurst Turner say that news stories Carolina Journal published of the family’s struggles beginning in 2011 helped persuade others that they were entitled to the property, the election of Republican Pat McCrory as governor in 2012 appears to have played a significant role.

  • Alcoa Prevails in State Lawsuit

    RALEIGH — Alcoa Power Generating Inc. scored a victory in federal court May 6 when U.S. District Judge Terrence Boyle ruled that the state of North Carolina failed to prove that a 45-mile segment of the Yadkin River where Alcoa operates four hydroelectric dams was navigable for commerce in 1789.

  • Island Awash in Title Questions, Irregularities

    RALEIGH — Dare County landscaper Bill Boykin thinks neither politically connected man who acquired property he once owned known as Island L on state maps — nor the state of North Carolina, which claims partial ownership — had clear title to the property when a boundary line agreement was drafted…

  • Tax Preparer Exposes Rampant Refund Fraud

    RALEIGH — A Charlotte-area tax preparer who conducted an undercover operation with a friend, found that tax preparers catering to Hispanic customers are urging clients — typically using federal taxpayer identification numbers rather than Social Security numbers on IRS documents — to pocket fraudulent refunds by claiming on their income…

  • Spirit’s Job Numbers Far Below Expectations

    RALEIGH — Although the Spirit AeroSystems facility at the Global TransPark will not receive all the incentives it could have, critics call any purported "savings" beside the point. They say it's impossible to predict how a company will perform, calling into question whether economic incentives really are the key to…