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  • Friday Interview: N.C. Certificate-Of-Need Law Examined

    RALEIGH — As health care delivery dominates much of our political debate, a North Carolina legislative panel is examining a little-known law that has a major impact on the services available in North Carolina. Roy Cordato, John Locke Foundation vice president for research and resident scholar, discussed the state’s Certificate…

  • Certificate-of-Need Law Hampers Breast Cancer Hospital

    RALEIGH — The certificate-of-need law makes it impossible for medical providers to build new facilities, expand existing facilities, buy new major medical equipment, or offer new services without first obtaining a “determination of need” from the Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Friday Interview: Certificate of Need Laws Critiqued

    RALEIGH — When a North Carolina hospital wants to expand services to a new location, add more beds at its current location, or even purchase major medical equipment, it needs permission from state government. Dr. Roy Cordato, vice president for research and resident scholar at the John Locke Foundation, has…

  • Talk About A Restraint of Trade

    A new study examines the ways that state government, not the big bad oil industry, interferes with markets in ways that damage the interests of consumers in North Carolina.