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  • Court Ruling Has Charters Smiling

    RALEIGH — A recent court ruling for equitable local funding of charter schools put smiles on the faces of the officials at some Mecklenburg County charters, but despite the victory, at least one of the school leaders is wary of further entanglements.

  • Why UNC needs charter schools

    RALEIGH – Many have championed the idea of improving the quality of the state's teachers, but very little structural change has occurred within schools of education. Teacher quality can be improved by creating a statewide network of specific charter schools.

  • Do Online Charters Threaten Home Schools?

    RALEIGH — The school-choice movement broadly supports charter schools as a better alternative to the traditional public school system, but many home educators are concerned that online, or “virtual,” charter schools are being used to regain control over what home-school students are taught and perhaps lure them back into the…

  • Charters Still Fighting to Grow

    RALEIGH — Ten years after North Carolina’s first charter schools opened their doors the innovative schools of choice are still struggling for acceptance and understanding in the halls of power. Frustrated charter school supporters report little progress this year on their key legislative initiatives, while opponents continue to snipe from…

  • JLF: Demand for Charters Grows

    RALEIGH — Smaller school and class sizes, innovative curricula, and better discipline are leading more North Carolina parents to choose charter schools for their children, according to a new John Locke Foundation Policy Report.

  • Lindalyn’s Journal

    In 343 B.C., Aristotle had this to say about the legislative process: “Even when laws have been written down, they ought not always to remain unaltered.” More than two thousand years later, his political sagacity still rings true. In Raleigh, members of the North Carolina General Assembly are well into…

  • Evaluating charter schools

    PHOENIX, AZ — This paper, published by the Alliance For School Choice, investigates the quality of charter schools in Texas in terms of mathematics and reading achievement. Charter and public schools show similar achievement levels.

  • Lindalyn’s Journal

    When it comes to divvying up education dollars, North Carolina’s charter schools always seem to get the short end of the stick. While these innovative schools are, in fact, public schools, they must often make do with far fewer dollars than traditional public schools.

  • Charter Schools Seeking Lottery Funds

    RALEIGH — The North Carolina lottery is expected to provide $425 million a year in new funding for public schools and universities. More than 30,000 public school students, however, might have been left out of the equation. A new organization of charter-school supporters says their schools should be included in…