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  • ‘Experts’ Disparage Charter Schools

    RALEIGH — Two 2004 reports cast a disparaging light on charter schools in North Carolina, but critiques of those reports say they are riddled with error and fail to factor in the fact that charter schools intentionally target students who are failing to perform in traditional class rooms.

  • Charter Schools Face Fiscal Gap

    RALEIGH — A 153-page study released in August 2005 determined children attending charter schools in the state are receiving $414, or 5.5 percent, less per student than public school pupils. The number jumps drastically for charter school students living in Wake County. They fall behind public school students by $2,727,…

  • Differentiating charter schools

    WASHINGTON, DC — What does the phrase "charter school" convey? A common working definition is an "independently operated public school of choice, freed from regulations but accountable for results." Yet many who define charter schools fail to note the inner-workings.

  • Charter School Bill Languishes

    RALEIGH — Key charter school legislation, designed to provide innovative learning opportunities for children at all academic levels, remains at a standstill in the General Assembly. Senate Bill 490, the Charter Schools Managed Growth Act, authored by Sen. Larry Shaw, D-Cumberland and Sen. Edward Goodall, R-Mecklenburg, was proposed in hopes…

  • Lindalyn’s Journal

    After a brief hiatus, charter schools are back in the public eye. Our General Assembly is considering legislation to raise the cap of 100 schools, and a new study is refuting some often-cited negative press. Since charter schools debuted on the national stage in 1992, they have generated vigorous debate.

  • Lindalyn’s Journal

    In policy debates across the state, elected officials are wrestling with education funding issues. And Leandro, the ten-year-old North Carolina school funding case, continues to tie up the courts. Wherever I go, I hear the pressing question, "How much money is enough for a sound basic education?"…

  • Charter schools and oversite

    This publication by the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA), consisting of brief statements from four charter school experts on the balance between accountability and overregulation, contains helpful advice for organizations embarking on stormy seas of charter sponsorship. First, NACSA president Greg Richmond offers four helpful guidelines, which, by…