• Community Colleges Work To Improve Remedial Course Results

    RALEIGH — The success rate of community college students required to take remedial classes is remarkably low. In response, state community college system President Scott Ralls and system leaders are revamping how the colleges address remedial education, in part by making it easier to proceed directly to college level courses.

  • Success Rate Of State Customized Training Program Questioned

    RALEIGH — Although proponents claim that North Carolina’s Customzed Training Program, run by the state’s community colleges, has helped lure businesses to the state, the evidence is scanty. Proponents have not cited a single business that will say CTP was a decisive factor in its decision to locate in North…

  • Little Apparent Payoff For Research Campus So Far

    KANNAPOLIS — Billionaire David Murdock provided initial funding and the UNC system began a 20-year agreement in which it eventually would own the two buildings (built by Murdock) that its scientists use. Cabarrus County and the city of Kannapolis also contributed, issuing $35 million in debt in December 2010.

  • Private Colleges Take Aim At Spiraling Tuition Costs

    RALEIGH — Under the “high tuition, high discount” model, colleges charge high prices to some students while giving large discounts to students they hope to attract — generally brighter or more diverse students — while also increasing revenues. The idea has been around since the 1970s, but there are growing…

  • Scholars See Higher Ed Changes Advancing Liberty

    RALEIGH — At a conference in New York City on the future of freedom around the world, the consensus among those looking at higher education was that an impending disruption — the bursting of the bubble and subsequent changes in the way students learn — should create opportunities to advance…

  • Duke’s China Branch Campus Brings Out Critics

    DURHAM — In late August, Duke University received approval from the Chinese government to start a branch campus in Kunshan, China. The controversial venture has caused a number of critics to question Duke’s rationale, as well as the rationale of other prominent American universities that have tried similar operations, with…

  • Speakers: Yes, English Majors Can Find Jobs

    RALEIGH — Speakers at a recent conference at Wake Forest University agreed that it is hard for English majors (and other liberal arts majors) to find jobs after graduation. However, they maintained that, although colleges could do more to help them find jobs, liberal arts remains a worthwhile field of…

  • Federal Rules Prompt Change to UNC-CH Sexual Assault Policy

    RALEIGH — A directive from the Obama administration’s Office of Civil Rights has lowered the burden of proof required for colleges to punish students for sexual assault, which ranges from attempts of forced kissing up to and including rape. UNC-Chapel Hill’s Honor Court will adopt the new standard.