Electoral College has little to do with race, slavery  

Given the result of the 2016 presidential election, it’s not surprising Democrats are talking a lot about the Electoral College as the 2020 campaign gets under way. A number of their candidates want it abolished. Race has become a central feature of the debate. Prominent scholars on the left assert the Electoral College was established to safeguard and propagate...

Andy Taylor

Bold Ideas For Reforming The UNC System

Jane Shaw on reforming UNC System; Andy Ellen, Gary Salamido & Connie Wilson on unemployment insurance fraud; Fergus Hodgson on libertarian tax policy; Terry Stoops on N.C. House education reform; Troy Kickler on N.C.'s role in Civil War

Jane Shaw, Fergus Hodgson, Jane S. Shaw (editor), Jane S. Shaw, Dr. Troy Kickler

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