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  • Climate Change Commission Gets a Cold Shoulder

    RALEIGH — The 34-member commission, comprising lawmakers, academics, business representatives, and environmentalists, formed in 2005 with the intent of studying climate change and seeing what, if anything, the state could do to limit it. Year after year, the commission asked the General Assembly for more time to come up with…

  • A Broken, Burning Bandwagon

    Just months ago, it seemed that just about everyone was trying to jump onto the climate-change bandwagon as it hurtled down the hill like a juggernaut.

  • The Climate-Data Problem

    What if the surface stations that collect temperature readings, including several right here in North Carolina, are in violation of basic standards?…

  • Report: N.C. Can’t Impact Climate Change

    RALEIGH — As state and federal lawmakers continue to debate climate-change regulatory legislation, a report from the nonpartisan Science & Public Policy Institute says that emissions reductions by North Carolina would do nothing to reduce regional or global climate change.

  • Pretty Bad Best-Case Scenario

    If the EPA’s assumption about the rebirth of nuclear power turns out to be wrong, then the cost of cap-and-trade will be worse than its current estimates suggest.

  • No Climate Analysis Offered on C02 Regs

    RALEIGH – The North Carolina Division of Air Quality, through its Climate Action Plan Advisory Group, is finalizing recommendations to reduce the volume of greenhouse gases emitted within the state, but the agency offers no analysis of how any options under consideration will affect temperatures or other weather conditions.

  • Higher Ed Joins Climate-Change Bandwagon

    RALEIGH — Chancellors from two North Carolina institutions of higher education — the largest and one of the smallest — have joined more than 280 other college and university presidents nationally in support of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, which is to be officially launched this month.

  • The Artifice of the Deal

    To learn something important about today’s public-policy debate, consider the following proposed compromise and how politics would probably collapse it.