• The Nomination Number To Watch

    The number to watch for assessing the prospects of Hillary Clinton’s now-longshot campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination is not the pledged-delegate count.

  • A Political Patchwork Quilt

    The county-level typology does help to explain some political events, such as why Hillary Clinton won Ohio and is favored in Pennsylvania despite Barack Obama’s easy win in Wisconsin.

  • North Carolina Will Be The Contest

    Hillary Clinton’s resurgence did not just raise up North Carolina’s May 6 primary. I think that North Carolina has become the most important prize in the Clinton-Obama contest.

  • A State Of Ornery Cusses

    New Hampshire is one ornery place. Its voters enjoy sticking fingers in the eyes of party regulars and, it seems, of national media commentators and pollsters.

  • Let’s Make It No Big Deal

    It’s quite possible that political history will be made in NC and the nation in 2008 — but it would be a sign of progress if we didn’t fixate on it.

  • Eye of the Political Storm

    The partisan blame game on Hurricane Katrina is premature and potentially counterproductive for those savaging the administration. Two Democratic leaders who understand this are named Clinton.

  • The Clintons vs. the Democrats

    Another angle on Gen. Wesley Clark's presidential announcement this week is that the Clintons, who were apparently behind it, care little about their own party.

  • Barnes Says There’s No ‘Rush to War’

    Fred Barnes, executive editor of The Weekly Standard and a pundit on the Fox News Channel, spoke to an audience at the John Locke Foundation’s 13th anniversary dinner Feb. 28, refuting several common arguments against a war with Iraq.